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Big Bet is a design based consultancy that uses artificial intelligence to help companies drive innovation and create high-quality solutions faster and smarter than current project or agile workflows in the market.

Take the next step in innovation

Empower your team by optimizing discovery and delivery workflows. Gather fast data-driven insights, unlock creativity, build agility, and deliver impactful results.

Step into the Future with UX/AI

Unlock our Benefits

With bigbet and our innovative UX/AI approach, you can boost your productivity and provide greater value to your customers.

Boost Product Agility

Accelerate your product's agility with DIBB and UX/AI. We collect and analyze data for valuable insights about users, informing strategic decisions that enhance the experience with artificial intelligence and user-centered design.

Expand Your Resources

Amplify your delivery capabilities. With strategic bets on artificial intelligence and UX technologies, we maximize the potential of your production, enabling sustainable growth and a competitive edge.

Deliver Superior Value

We gather and analyze data for valuable insights into user needs, guiding personalized and innovative solutions. Based on this information, we implement artificial intelligence-driven strategies to deliver an exceptional experience.

Whether it's research and analysis, idea generation,
or prototyping, we deliver design deliveries faster
and smarter by being AI empowered. We speed up the time spent on manual and mundane tasks to invest more time and brainpower in what truly matters.


Our Service


Discover how we can impact your business with a methodology that ensures in-depth problem exploration and high-quality deliverables entirely tailored to your customers' needs.

Improve the gathering of quantitative and qualitative data using artificial intelligence to better collect raw data and provide a solid user-centered foundation for your business decisions. Process text to sumarize qualitative and quantitative research, reports and more.


Quickly analyze and cluster your data using artificial intelligence to identify themes, sentiments, gain deeper insights into user behavior, identify complex patterns, and guide the development of relevant solutions.


Formulate smart and fast data-driven opportunities and ideas so you can spend time with collaborative decision-making. Create creative text for different contexts, transcribe audio/videos, and detail innovative ideas and action plans.


Our teams formulates business bets and hypothesis while AI help us fully develop prototypes and campaigns materials with the use of descriptions, sketches and wireframes to create high quality deliveries and test plans.


AI-Powered UX Innovation

With AI powered solutions it's possible to sintetize 

over 1,500 ideas in minutes


UX Designers and Writers may see 100% of their tasks impacted by UX/AI


Survey researchers may see at least 85% of their tasks impacted by UX/AI


UX/AI accelerates content generation and prototyping, automates data analysis, and facilitates accessibility evaluation.

Text processing

We rapidly create creative text for different contexts, transcribe audio/videos, cluster findings and opportunities and
detail innovative ideas
and action plans.

Visual content generation

Through AI capabilities, we generate prototypes and marketing materials from text descriptions, sketches or wireframes.

Research and testing

Quickly analyze user data
to identify themes, sentiments, trends, insights and opportunities. Process text
to summarize qualitative research, reports and more.

Project management

Implement data-driven insights to allocate resources efficiently, track progress effectively, and prioritize tasks, ensuring seamless team collaboration and meeting project deadlines.

How we boost your business with AI

With a unique approach to AI utilization, we employ methods to preserve sensitive data throughout all stages of research and analysis. Our innovative framework and methodology enable the secure use of AI language models, effectively safeguarding your company's and clients' privacy.

UX/AI Data Security

Our team of designers brings extensive experience in the digital product market. Some members of our team have worked as consultants on design thinking and digital product projects for prominent companies, including:

Our Team

Unleash your new superpowers.

Automating and integrating quantitative and qualitative product explorations provide greater clarity and time for your team to make strategic decisions and explore new solutions

Business phone number:
+55 11 975990728 

bigbet has contact points in São Paulo, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada. Send us a message to schedule a conversation and let's start turning your ideas into reality!

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+55 11 975990728 


São Paulo, Brasil.
Toronto, Canadá.

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